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Chopsticks are always used by Vietnamese people during the meals especially in family dinners or in restaurants. Chopsticks are used firstly by Chinese long time ago, and now there are many Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam using chopsticks when eating.

Chopsticks are for eating more gently, easily and people can share foods to others in family dinners, this is one of the special cultures of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese chopsticks are quite long and the shape is made to be thinner to the side for picking foods. When inviting friends to dinners, the hosts are likely to share foods to their friends to get the atmosphere become more natural and less formal. The hosts will turn the chopsticks and pick up foods for their friends by the bigger side of the chopsticks.

Chopsticks are widely used in Western countries now due to the living of Asian people in these countries as well as the more of Asian restaurants opened in Western countries. Pacifique foods are well tasted by using chopsticks.

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