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Dinner at Pacifique Restaurant:

Located in the street of Boulevard General Jacques and next to the tram station Roffiaen, Pacifique Restaurant was established more than 30 years in Belgium. The Vietnamese Restaurant offers consumers with plentiful famous Vietnamese dishes.

Consumers are able to choose between numerous of our soups and noodles with fresh tastes and bold flavors. We also introduce many kinds of appetizers and main dishes. All of them are well made from fresh ingredients with year – cooking experiences. Consumers are able to choose among foods cooked with pork, beef, chicken, shrimps, squid, duck and vegetables.

In the moment, we are introducing you the combo of 5 different choices of foods for a table from 2 people called ‘Tapas’. These 5 choices will be placed in 5 bowls and served together with rice. Customers are able to visit Pacifique menu from either the website: click here or Facebook page: click here

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